Get Your Presents Delivered on Time This Christmas

Christmas is meant to be the time of joy and happiness which brings family together, however the build up to Christmas can also be very stressful. As the Christmas period gets nearer and nearer the shops also get busier and busier, which can result in making a trip down to your shopping high street extremely hectic especially if you’re in a rush.

The mad rush at Christmas time seems to be something that is increasing every year, and number of people panicking about getting their presents in time is also growing. However there is a solution which comes in the form of online parcel delivery companies. In recent years the number of companies offering parcel delivery online has increased, with many services tailored for the individuals need, it is by far one of the best options to get your Christmas presents delivered on time this year.

There are so many benefits with using online parcel firms, including the option of comparing many different couriers at once including FedEx, DHL and Ups. This can ensure that you receive the best service possible for the type of delivery you require, including the cheapest price and quickest delivery time. One of the best things about parcel delivery is that you can work it around our schedule as you choose the time of collection and type of delivery. Whereas in the past you’d have to wait for the post office opening times to make sure you get the package sent off in time. Parcel couriers even pick up straight from your doorstep or from your place of work so it doesn’t have to disrupt your day to day lifestyle.

You don’t even have to leave you couch as you can order straight from your computer for same day delivery. There are so many delivery and shipping options available from parcel couriers including same day, overnight or 24 hour delivery, depending on the type of service you require. They also ship all around the world; this can be extremely beneficial at Christmas time if you have family abroad that you are unable to see over the seasonal period, as you can still get their presents delivered in time.

Overall parcel delivery can offer you the cheapest price possible for your delivery as they compare several couriers at once, and depending on your requirements the best value for money option will be provided to you. Therefore sit back and relax this Christmas as online parcel delivery companies will make sure your presents arrive on time.

Make Worries Over Sending Christmas Presents a Thing of the Past

It seems that every year we hear about ever greater volumes of parcels and packages being processed by our courier companies as the run up to Christmas enters its height. A combination of more people doing their festive shopping online, and many of us sending presents to family because there is no way we will see them over the festive period, has created a great deal more work for worldwide parcel delivery specialists – and they have had to refine and pay particular attention to the quality of the services they offer as a result.

One of the most important things to be conscious of if sending presents long distances is the final recommended posting date for any particular destination. These might be sooner than many people realise, but they are in place for good reason.

Sea freight and air freight capacity is at a premium at this time of year anyway, as the goods which will end up in Christmas stockings this year are ferried to the retailers. Naturally, as they have limited storage space, they cannot take delivery of these too early, or it causes headaches for the people charged with managing and maximising the efficient use of that space.

So the build-up to the Christmas peak begins much earlier than might be expected. And once the goods have reached the retailers, attention is then focused on shipping items the other way – and first away will be goods which have been bought early by a shopper in the full knowledge that they have a long journey ahead of them.

It never hurts to start searching for presents too early anyway, as every year there is a number of items which prove so popular that stocks start running low well ahead of the main peak period. If a particularly popular present is being sought, and this then has to be sent over a long distance, preparation is the key, because no one wants to be told on Christmas morning that the ‘in’ item which they had asked for isn’t there for them to open because it had been sent for too late.

It’s a harsh lesson to learn, but such things only usually happen to most people once. People might complain about how Christmas seems to come earlier every year – but in the eyes of the ever-busier people who provide vital parcel delivery services, that’s the way it has to be.

While the leading international delivery specialists, such as Fedex, bring in extra staff to cope with the Christmas rush, senders should play their part by ensuring that items for parcel delivery are sent as far as possible ahead of the final Christmas posting dates.

Get Your Wedding Present Abroad Safely

Heading abroad to get married has become an extremely popular thing for couples in the UK to do. Whether they’re looking to bring families from two countries together, or simply fancy having a little bit of sun on their wedding day, jetting off to a foreign country can be the perfect answer. For the guests it can also be something of an adventure too, and if you are going on a long haul flight then the chances are that you’ll want to make a holiday out of the trip too.

When you’re heading abroad for a holiday there are always 101 things that you have to remember before heading off to the airport, and if you are about to fly off to the wedding of a friend or family member then there will be even more things to think about and plan for. One of these is the wedding present that you’ll need to take over with you. A lot more thought will have to go into the process as you will need to work out how to transport it across. You could of course decide that its best to wait until the couple return home to give them a present, but it does make it all the more special to have something to hand over on the day.

However, taking a present over on a plane can cause all sorts of problems. You might not have enough space in your bags, and it might not be the type of thing you’re allowed to carry onto a plane with you. It’s also understandable that you might not be too keen to put the item in the hold just in case it gets broken on the way over. Fortunately, there is an answer to the problem and it involves a minimum amount of stress for you.

By choosing to send your wedding present over with an online parcel delivery company, you will be able to relax in the knowledge that it is in safe hands and will be taken care of by experts every step of the way. The leading firms will provide you with access to delivery services from some of the best companies in the world – firms such as FedEx and Parcelforce. When you’re dealing with companies of this calibre then you know your items are going to be in safe hands.

Get Social Media “Presence” by Giving Out “Presents”

One of the most effective ways for you to build your “presence” (visibility)in social media is by giving “presents” (social “gifts” of gratitude).

Imagine the following scenario: David is at a birthday celebration for Cindy, one of his friends from college. Everyone is seated around a large dinner table in a back room of a restaurant. John, Cindy’s husband, has just given her a beautiful necklace.

Everyone is ” ooh-ing and awe-ing” over it. David looks on from across the room.

Much to David’s surprise, John looks across the room and, in a voice that every one can hear, says, “David, you probably don’t even know it but I got this from your store. I was in there the other day when you were out to lunch. I never knew you had so many beautiful things. The prices were excellent – much better than the mall stores. The quality was better too. Your staff was friendly, informative and not the least bit pushy.”

Although the party goers heard John’s compliment clearly, he adds, “Friends, if you need to find a unique gift for someone special, you’ve got to go to David’s jewelry store.”

David is stunned. Not stunned by John’s assessment of his store. David prides himself on the fact that he has great prices, excellent quality and selection, and friendly, knowledgeable, low-pressure staff.

David is stunned by the fact that John would give you such an incredible unsolicited endorsement in front of so many “qualified” potential customers.

Said David, ” I can’t believe I just spent $3000 on a newspaper ad. I bet I get more business from this totally free, unexpected endorsement from John that I get from that newspaper. I wonder how I can get more of those types of endorsements – in front of the right crowds.”

The beauty of social media is that you can get – and give – “shout outs” like this with ease for free with just a few clicks on a keyboard. Similar to this example, your compliments are likely to be seen by a number of other people who are friends with the person you compliment and by YOUR friends – friends that are likely to also be good potential customers.

Where and how should you help someone out with this technology-enhanced word of mouth advertising, aka “social sharing”? Here is my recipe for getting the most “presence” out of your “presents” – for you AND the person you are complimenting.

Facebook – The best way to give a compliment on Facebook is to “Brag and Tag” from your OWN wall. Use the box at the top to write your compliment and use the @ symbol to TAG the Profile or Page that you are complimenting. Add some TAGS to mutual friends and relevant pages as well. Before you press SHARE, make your post SHARE-able by adding a direct link to a relevant website or Facebook page by typing the URL in the address bar of your browser.

Linkedin – Write a “recommendation” for a colleague or friend. Make it short & sweet – three to five sentences is all you need. Don’t ask for a reciprocal endorsement. It is entirely appropriate to end your comment with your name and title – plus a link to your webpage.

Twitter – In Twitterville, we call it “sharing some Twitter luv.” Send a public @mention to someone – even someone you don’t know. This is a great way to get on the radar screen of someone that you want to develop a relationship with.

Youtube – record a short video explaining what you enjoyed most about your personal buying experience. Place it on your YouTube channel & then “share” it on twitter and Facebook by tagging the relevant parties – personal profiles or business pages.

For those of you who are saying, this sounds great but what is this really going to do for MY business?!

This is where Gina’s Law of Social Media Reciprocity kicks in: People have a natural inclination to reciprocate – to return a favor when one is extended to them – in social media as well as in face-to-face situations.

So, one of the best ways to get a compliment is to give one.

In addition to adding a few coins to the relationship account of the person to whom the compliment was paid, you are showing the world that you are a kind, appreciative person that shares goodness with others. People are likely to click on a link to your page to find out more about who you are and what you do.