Which countries export the most seafood?

For example, the high demand for tuna means that you can get a good tuna fish price in Sri Lanka.

Here is a list of the countries that export the most seafood.

The Philippines
Sri Lanka
United States

These are some of the top exporting countries when it comes to seafood. As you can see, there is a lot of variety in terms of location and type of seafood exported. So, what is driving this demand for seafood?

One reason why so many different countries export seafood is because there is high demand for it around the world. Seafood is seen as a healthy option, and with more health-conscious consumers, the demand has increased. This is especially true in developed countries, where people have the disposable income to spend on seafood.

Some of the most popular types of seafood include salmon, shrimp, and tuna. These are all highly sought-after commodities, and as a result, they command high prices. In order to meet this demand, fish farms have been set up in many different countries. These farms help to ensure that there is a consistent supply of seafood available for export.

So where is all this seafood going? A large portion of it is being shipped to other countries in Asia, where there is also a growing appetite for seafood. Some of the biggest consumers of seafood are in Asia, where a large population and rising incomes are leading to more demand for seafood. In China, for example, the growing middle class is demanding higher quality seafood products, and in Japan, sushi is a popular dish that is enjoyed by people of all ages.

So, what does the future hold for seafood exports? It is likely that demand will continue to grow in Asian countries, while other regions such as Europe and North America also see an increase in consumption.

How to style to your personality with the best Womens Dress

Wearing those dresses with poise and self confidence is a signature style of the celebrities, models and icons. Powerful women never compromise on the ways they dress. They love to carry themselves better regardless of wherever they go; whosoever they meet. It is a nice gesture that needs approbation. However, if you belong to the middle and lower segments of the societal class financially and still want to have that edge in your appeal, then it is the smart decisions that you make that would make you stand out. Get the O’neill womens one piece swimsuit.

Types of fashionable dresses

Skirts would do well too. Yes, you can look unique even with your simple midi dresses that have its length just above the ankle and a couple of inches below the knees. It is a nice way to show your calf muscles and attract others. You need not be an athlete for this as women legs gravitate many men naturally. Wearing stockings would be appropriate if you are dusk in complexion, though. Womens dress options are not limited to just the Midi Dress or the shift dresses alone, though. There are mini dresses, bodycon dresses and off the shoulder dresses too. A-line dresses are a super hit ever.

Right dresses to suit the occasion

Occasions demand the right outfit, though. Even a wrap dress or a mini can look so glamorous depending upon how you wear it. Something that is in between a jacket and a regular dress usually gives you the business chic look, and that is nothing but blazer dresses. At first, it was a garment piece that was made exclusively for men. It did not enter the women’s wardrobe at all until the 1970s. It was only after the famous fashion icon André introduced this among women that it became popular among women for business casuals and business formals today.

Cocktail dresses

The semi-formal dress styles that include the cocktail dress and knee-length party dresses of other kinds have been an attraction forever. Whether your body shape and size are petite or big, you can choose to wear this. Apart from this, there are gowns and wedding dresses in different shapes and sizes today that you can choose for important occasions in your life. For beach hangouts you need O’neill womens one piece swimsuit.

Wearing your dresses with jeans and some good leggings is always going to look good. If you don’t have the leggings, then you can just try the same outfit with stockings. If you are going to wear t-shirts underneath your party dress, then that looks awesome. When you are going to style your Womens dress, then still wear them as skirts. If you want to get that formal appearance, then you need to cinch the waist.

Plus size women

If you cannot use some of the styles that the top models and celebrities are trying, try the team sequins and the colorful hues with solid and floral patterns. When strolling by the beach, breezy basics and jumpsuits can provide you with that freedom. Wearing loose jeans is quite conventional, but it is always in style. For women with fleshy bodies, sarong is ideal. Matching set and plus-size matching pants can befit them. Some of the versatile printed Womens dress can also be good for these candidates. When you go shopping for a swimsuit, make sure it matches your sarong.


Today, Agile Development has become one of the most popular approach to software project management. Established over two decades ago, Agile is a methodology that is based on an incremental and iterative approach to project management. Based on flexibility, continuous improvement, and transparency, it is now widely implemented by businesses across the globe. In fact, almost 71% of companies use Agile practices in some capacity on a regular basis.

So what makes Agile so successful? Here are some benefits of the Agile framework that makes it one of the best project management methodologies today.

In Agile projects, testing is an integral part of the project execution phase. This means that the final quality of the software or product developed is better than if you were to use another approach that is non-iterative.

In the Agile methodology, the client is always involved in the decision-making process. This means that they influence the execution, leading to greater flexibility and adaptability, in turn ensuring greater customer retention. This also allows businesses to deliver more value to the customer and ensure that the end product delivered is at par with their requirements.

Because Agile projects have features such as increased transparency, quality control, and feedback integration, managers have better control over the entire project. And with control, predicting potential risks and mitigating them also becomes a lot easy. For instance, in Scrum methodology, burndown charts and sprint backlogs are used to increase visibility so performances can be planned accordingly.

Get Your Presents Delivered on Time This Christmas

Christmas is meant to be the time of joy and happiness which brings family together, however the build up to Christmas can also be very stressful. As the Christmas period gets nearer and nearer the shops also get busier and busier, which can result in making a trip down to your shopping high street extremely hectic especially if you’re in a rush.

The mad rush at Christmas time seems to be something that is increasing every year, and number of people panicking about getting their presents in time is also growing. However there is a solution which comes in the form of online parcel delivery companies. In recent years the number of companies offering parcel delivery online has increased, with many services tailored for the individuals need, it is by far one of the best options to get your Christmas presents delivered on time this year.

There are so many benefits with using online parcel firms, including the option of comparing many different couriers at once including FedEx, DHL and Ups. This can ensure that you receive the best service possible for the type of delivery you require, including the cheapest price and quickest delivery time. One of the best things about parcel delivery is that you can work it around our schedule as you choose the time of collection and type of delivery. Whereas in the past you’d have to wait for the post office opening times to make sure you get the package sent off in time. Parcel couriers even pick up straight from your doorstep or from your place of work so it doesn’t have to disrupt your day to day lifestyle.

You don’t even have to leave you couch as you can order straight from your computer for same day delivery. There are so many delivery and shipping options available from parcel couriers including same day, overnight or 24 hour delivery, depending on the type of service you require. They also ship all around the world; this can be extremely beneficial at Christmas time if you have family abroad that you are unable to see over the seasonal period, as you can still get their presents delivered in time.

Overall parcel delivery can offer you the cheapest price possible for your delivery as they compare several couriers at once, and depending on your requirements the best value for money option will be provided to you. Therefore sit back and relax this Christmas as online parcel delivery companies will make sure your presents arrive on time.

Make Worries Over Sending Christmas Presents a Thing of the Past

It seems that every year we hear about ever greater volumes of parcels and packages being processed by our courier companies as the run up to Christmas enters its height. A combination of more people doing their festive shopping online, and many of us sending presents to family because there is no way we will see them over the festive period, has created a great deal more work for worldwide parcel delivery specialists – and they have had to refine and pay particular attention to the quality of the services they offer as a result.

One of the most important things to be conscious of if sending presents long distances is the final recommended posting date for any particular destination. These might be sooner than many people realise, but they are in place for good reason.

Sea freight and air freight capacity is at a premium at this time of year anyway, as the goods which will end up in Christmas stockings this year are ferried to the retailers. Naturally, as they have limited storage space, they cannot take delivery of these too early, or it causes headaches for the people charged with managing and maximising the efficient use of that space.

So the build-up to the Christmas peak begins much earlier than might be expected. And once the goods have reached the retailers, attention is then focused on shipping items the other way – and first away will be goods which have been bought early by a shopper in the full knowledge that they have a long journey ahead of them.

It never hurts to start searching for presents too early anyway, as every year there is a number of items which prove so popular that stocks start running low well ahead of the main peak period. If a particularly popular present is being sought, and this then has to be sent over a long distance, preparation is the key, because no one wants to be told on Christmas morning that the ‘in’ item which they had asked for isn’t there for them to open because it had been sent for too late.

It’s a harsh lesson to learn, but such things only usually happen to most people once. People might complain about how Christmas seems to come earlier every year – but in the eyes of the ever-busier people who provide vital parcel delivery services, that’s the way it has to be.

While the leading international delivery specialists, such as Fedex, bring in extra staff to cope with the Christmas rush, senders should play their part by ensuring that items for parcel delivery are sent as far as possible ahead of the final Christmas posting dates.

Get Your Wedding Present Abroad Safely

Heading abroad to get married has become an extremely popular thing for couples in the UK to do. Whether they’re looking to bring families from two countries together, or simply fancy having a little bit of sun on their wedding day, jetting off to a foreign country can be the perfect answer. For the guests it can also be something of an adventure too, and if you are going on a long haul flight then the chances are that you’ll want to make a holiday out of the trip too.

When you’re heading abroad for a holiday there are always 101 things that you have to remember before heading off to the airport, and if you are about to fly off to the wedding of a friend or family member then there will be even more things to think about and plan for. One of these is the wedding present that you’ll need to take over with you. A lot more thought will have to go into the process as you will need to work out how to transport it across. You could of course decide that its best to wait until the couple return home to give them a present, but it does make it all the more special to have something to hand over on the day.

However, taking a present over on a plane can cause all sorts of problems. You might not have enough space in your bags, and it might not be the type of thing you’re allowed to carry onto a plane with you. It’s also understandable that you might not be too keen to put the item in the hold just in case it gets broken on the way over. Fortunately, there is an answer to the problem and it involves a minimum amount of stress for you.

By choosing to send your wedding present over with an online parcel delivery company, you will be able to relax in the knowledge that it is in safe hands and will be taken care of by experts every step of the way. The leading firms will provide you with access to delivery services from some of the best companies in the world – firms such as FedEx and Parcelforce. When you’re dealing with companies of this calibre then you know your items are going to be in safe hands.

Get Social Media “Presence” by Giving Out “Presents”

One of the most effective ways for you to build your “presence” (visibility)in social media is by giving “presents” (social “gifts” of gratitude).

Imagine the following scenario: David is at a birthday celebration for Cindy, one of his friends from college. Everyone is seated around a large dinner table in a back room of a restaurant. John, Cindy’s husband, has just given her a beautiful necklace.

Everyone is ” ooh-ing and awe-ing” over it. David looks on from across the room.

Much to David’s surprise, John looks across the room and, in a voice that every one can hear, says, “David, you probably don’t even know it but I got this from your store. I was in there the other day when you were out to lunch. I never knew you had so many beautiful things. The prices were excellent – much better than the mall stores. The quality was better too. Your staff was friendly, informative and not the least bit pushy.”

Although the party goers heard John’s compliment clearly, he adds, “Friends, if you need to find a unique gift for someone special, you’ve got to go to David’s jewelry store.”

David is stunned. Not stunned by John’s assessment of his store. David prides himself on the fact that he has great prices, excellent quality and selection, and friendly, knowledgeable, low-pressure staff.

David is stunned by the fact that John would give you such an incredible unsolicited endorsement in front of so many “qualified” potential customers.

Said David, ” I can’t believe I just spent $3000 on a newspaper ad. I bet I get more business from this totally free, unexpected endorsement from John that I get from that newspaper. I wonder how I can get more of those types of endorsements – in front of the right crowds.”

The beauty of social media is that you can get – and give – “shout outs” like this with ease for free with just a few clicks on a keyboard. Similar to this example, your compliments are likely to be seen by a number of other people who are friends with the person you compliment and by YOUR friends – friends that are likely to also be good potential customers.

Where and how should you help someone out with this technology-enhanced word of mouth advertising, aka “social sharing”? Here is my recipe for getting the most “presence” out of your “presents” – for you AND the person you are complimenting.

Facebook – The best way to give a compliment on Facebook is to “Brag and Tag” from your OWN wall. Use the box at the top to write your compliment and use the @ symbol to TAG the Profile or Page that you are complimenting. Add some TAGS to mutual friends and relevant pages as well. Before you press SHARE, make your post SHARE-able by adding a direct link to a relevant website or Facebook page by typing the URL in the address bar of your browser.

Linkedin – Write a “recommendation” for a colleague or friend. Make it short & sweet – three to five sentences is all you need. Don’t ask for a reciprocal endorsement. It is entirely appropriate to end your comment with your name and title – plus a link to your webpage.

Twitter – In Twitterville, we call it “sharing some Twitter luv.” Send a public @mention to someone – even someone you don’t know. This is a great way to get on the radar screen of someone that you want to develop a relationship with.

Youtube – record a short video explaining what you enjoyed most about your personal buying experience. Place it on your YouTube channel & then “share” it on twitter and Facebook by tagging the relevant parties – personal profiles or business pages.

For those of you who are saying, this sounds great but what is this really going to do for MY business?!

This is where Gina’s Law of Social Media Reciprocity kicks in: People have a natural inclination to reciprocate – to return a favor when one is extended to them – in social media as well as in face-to-face situations.

So, one of the best ways to get a compliment is to give one.

In addition to adding a few coins to the relationship account of the person to whom the compliment was paid, you are showing the world that you are a kind, appreciative person that shares goodness with others. People are likely to click on a link to your page to find out more about who you are and what you do.

Presents for Drivers

It’s rapidly approaching that time of year when gift-buying is pushed to the forefront of everyone’s minds. You know the time! So, with the jingle of sleigh-bells fast approaching, we must turn our minds to a singular problem: what would make a good gift for someone whose time is usually occupied with delivery work? In order to provide a little Christmas cheer for our friends on the roads, we’ve sat down and had a good, long think about some of the best presents we can come up with for drivers everywhere. Here are some of our best buys for the drivers in your life!

A Refreshing Choice

Something that many people enjoy is a nice meal, a quick snack, or even just a cold drink to keep them going while they’re zooming about the country doing their delivery work. So why not choose a small portable fridge as a present for a driver? The best bit is, it works year-round. In summer, it’ll keep sandwiches and drinks cool, and many come with heating options, so that in the colder months, they can easily keep a thermos of soup or coffee nice and warm with just a flick of switch. It’s something to keep a driver going until next Christmas!

Changing Channel

If there’s one thing that’s a constant in all delivery work, it’s downtime. Regular breaks are a necessity while making constant deliveries, and long-haul journeys can often leave drivers spending a night in their vehicles with nothing to do. So why not decide on a portable DVD player as a gift this year, with a selection of movies or television series box sets to keep the driver in your life entertained whilst out on the road? Downtime between deliveries will never drag again, whether you choose a light-hearted comedy or a thrilling and suspenseful movie to while away their spare hours.

For The Driver Who Has Everything

The next time a driver returns from their delivery work, pay special attention to their wallet – it’s guaranteed it will be overflowing with receipts from all the service station food and snacks they’ve purchased along the way! Whether it’s a sandwich and packet of crisps just to keep going until dinner, a can of Pepsi to wash it down with, or a coffee for a little boost in the evenings – it’s incredible how quickly it all adds up. Regular food and drink stops are part and parcel of delivery work – so why not treat your driver to a Starbucks or Costa Coffee voucher? It’ll give them the chance to swap basic roadside coffee for something a little more special – and they’ll think of you with every cup.

It can definitely be hard to think up a good idea for a present when the recipient will always be on the road. But before you despair, give up, and fill their stocking with essential road supplies such as air-fresheners and de-icer, why not use your imagination for other present ideas that will make delivery work a little more fun?

Norman Dulwich is a Correspondent for Haulage Exchange, the leading online trade network for the road transport industry across the UK and Europe. It provides services for haulage companies to buy and sell delivery work, road transport and delivery work in the domestic and international markets.

Create Extraordinary Presentations With PowerPoint 2010

Would you like to create and share dynamic presentations with your audience? If yes, PowerPoint 2010 is perhaps the best tool for you. It brings you more ways to create extraordinary presentations and work at the same time with other people. It also allows you to post your presentation online and access it from anywhere via the Web. PowerPoint 2010 also features exciting new audio and visual capabilities. For Windows Repair, you can consult an online tech support service provider. There are many service providers that offer MS Office support to the PC users.

In PowerPoint 2010 you will get new animation tools. Here the user can embed and edit video from within PowerPoint. In addition, features like add fades, formatting effects, bookmark scenes, and trim videos could be used to make your presentations look more professional. As PowerPoint 2010 allows to make the embedded videos part of the PowerPoint presentation, no need to manage additional files at the time of sharing files.

With the new and improved picture editing tools you can easily fine-tune every picture in your presentation and make your presentation to look at its absolute best. You can also insert dynamic 3-D slide transitions as well as different other realistic animation effects to draw the attention of the audience.

Since PowerPoint 2010 can feature compress video and audio in the presentation, it eventually reduces file size and make it easier for sharing. The commands are now easier to access due to the easily customize improved Ribbon. You can create custom tabs as well as you can also customize built-in tabs.

Do you work on presentations and projects where different people work on together? You can broadcast your slide show to your colleagues in different locations by using PowerPoint 2010. They don’t need to have the software installed on their computer. Just create a video of your presentation and share it with them. You can also use new co-authoring capabilities for modifying the same presentation.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 comes with plenty of stunning features. You can access and share your content from more places. It is not like that you have to perform your task by just sitting on your desk. You can accomplish your job from the Web or even from your smartphone while working on PowerPoint 2010. With Microsoft PowerPoint Web App you can widen your PowerPoint experience to the browser.

Comprising all these outstanding features PowerPoint 2010 is a perfect tool for presenting your ideas. So, if you are still using older version of MS Office time has come to switch to MS Office 2010. Install this new application and create amazing presentations at ease.

Role Of a Credit Controller In The Present Market Scenario

Rocket Science or Coffin-Theory of credit controller demystified

The purpose of developing this framework is to underline the importance of the role played by the credit controller in a company especially in the present market scenario; to put forth some sagely advice to the new entrants into this field. At the time of entry to this field when I turned to literature to help me in understanding the role of a credit controller to my utter surprise I could not find concrete material on this area.


Credit controller is an important function of any company. Rocket and Coffin are used as metaphors to underline the importance of this function. If this function is handled efficiently and effectively then the company will reach the stars like a rocket and if this function is not taken seriously then the company will enter the coffin. This framework assumes importance when the breezes of second imminent recession are touching the shores of our country. The choice – as they say – is in our hands. The primary objective of this framework is to demystify the credit control mechanism and underlining the importance of a credit controller in a company.


Credit Control is A strategy employed by manufacturers and retailers to promote good credit among the creditworthy and deny it to delinquent borrowers. This will both increase sales and decrease bad debts, thus improving a company’s cash flow. Credit control is an important component in the overall profitability of many firms.

“Credit Controller” in today’s is proving magical words to everyone. I have developed a theory called “Choice of rocket or coffin”. One will understand the meaning of the same while going through the diagram given below.

The diagram depicts two pictures by and large.

One is identical with Rocket and another is a look alike of Coffin

The metaphors are detailed as under:

1) “Rocket” depicts the methods or processes or standard operating practices (SOPs) which are to be followed judiciously by any company in the area of credit control. The rocket if ignited properly y will boost sales, control the revenue leakages and take the company to a new level and to the new heights step by step.

2) ‘Coffin” is similar to “failure” – failure to take and implement decisions as suggested by the credit controller from time to time. Once this happens even though the sales will increase so as the debtors, company may face cash crunch and this may adversely affect the growth of the company and ultimately the company will end-up in the coffin.

New definition of CREDIT


“Customer is king” in every situation. He is the purpose of the company’s existence. The basic function of a credit controller is to retain the existing customers, recover bills in time from the customer and help boost sales by bringing good new customers. Cost-Wise retaining a good customer is cheaper to attracting a new customer. When there is a competition, both retaining and attracting a good customer becomes increasingly difficult. Remember – Companies have competition and the Customer has Choices. Contacts / rapport with the customers are an essential ingredient of any credit controller’s job description.

b) R- rating the customer

Sales review meetings on a regular basis are very essential for any company. Credit controller should be made part of this meeting if not already done by any company. One very good thing the credit controller brings to the meeting table is market intelligence. He will bring-in his expertise on various aspects of credit monitoring which interalia include:

• In depth study of balance sheets, Annual reports
• Grasp about the history of company
• Knowledge about the credentials of the company
• Market intelligence about the current orders in hand with the company
• knowledge about the development plans of the company
• Market Feedback about the company

c) E- emphasis on SOPs

Once the credit controller is satisfied with the data/feedback/visit report of the new client while approving the contract he should emphasis on the exchange of expectations between the two companies. One may call it as understanding the requirements of each one to start the business. A meeting with finance team, admin team, sometimes with the bookers/secretaries is required before he instructs operations department to start accepting booking of cars for the new client. Terms and conditions of the deal (both negotiable and non-negotiable) are to be finalized during these meetings on mutual agreement.

d) D- Directives to the stakeholders

After signing SOPs there is a need to issue directives / guidelines to all the concerned before the deal is executed. If required, training is to be imparted for the same. Controlling & monitoring mechanism is to be put-in place firmly and the same is to be communicated to all effectively.

e) I- Impact

Credit controller should check the impact of all the above four points from time to time. Constant monitoring of results will help him realize the impact of various procedures laid down by him. The power to negotiate / modify the SOPs is to be delegated to the credit controller

f) T- timely recovery of bills

Recovery of bills is the important job function of the credit controller. He should have the ability and expertise in preparation of aging report, meeting/follow up with the clients to know the status of bills as per contract, fixing the problems if any, timely recovery of bills before they become over due and infusion of expected cash into the system as projected and deciphering the early warning signals of debts turning bad. Last but not the least, to keep the management abreast about the status of recoveries regularly

Job description of Credit CONTROLLER

Credit controller is one who” controls roller coaster of receipt and payment” efficiently.

1) Collections

The first and foremost role of credit controller is accept the collection targets set by the management, mold the same into a workable action plan, execution of the plan and rigorous follow up with various staff/officials/clients, fixing the problems if any and collect predicted funds within time frame given by the management.

2) Keeping control on sales department/monitoring sales activities

He has to ensure that sales department is bringing only good clientele into the company. The credit limit and the volume of business allowed on credit are to be decided by him after reviewing all the data of the new client. He should make use of his power delegated to him by virtue of his role and communicate necessary instructions to operations department for execution of the action plan and also direct them not to accept any further booking for the defaulting client. He should be a go getter and should take along all the people with him in discharging his duties. He should keep keen eye on any commitment done by sales manager to the new customer with regard to maintenance of new account.

3) Customer grievance settlement mechanism

Many a times it is noticed that a customer relates operational issues with the release of bills which is unnecessarily. At this juncture he should take help from customer service manager to understand the nature of failure of duty, strike out solution with the managers and take up the same with the finance/admin authority of the customer. This will help him to solve the disputes amicably and prevent revenue loss to the company. By this way he can retain the old customer and also ensure collection of all payable bills in promptly. It is a visioning function of the credit controller.

4) Liaison between new customer and operations/sales department

He should monitor the flow of work, exchange of data, reports obtained from customer service manager to satisfy himself that all is well. If there is something lacking he should take initiative to bring the confidence back in the mind of new customer. Regular visits should be scheduled along with sales team for the same. He should be receiving report of feedback form from the service desk at regularly which will help him to protect the interests of the company in times of crises.

5) Liaison between accounts department of his company and the customers

He should get correct aging reports from accounts department from time to time. He should get the balance certificates duly signed by the accounts manager once in a month for each party. He should then arrange to issue the same to all the customers and get the confirmation of the customers before the month end. By this way ledgers of both the companies will go hand in hand, there will be no billing dispute, recon will be in control, he can project the collections in an accurate manner; monthly closing of account ledgers /MIS will be accurate. Balance confirmation certificates are also useful tools in case of litigation. This will also help accounts department to keep the position of debtors in control, overdue bills can be monitored effectively, and revenue losses can l be minimized Regular meeting is to be conducted with the accounts team to keep all this under control.

6) Reporting of debit and credit notes to credit controller

He should be in full control of the vouching the data of debit and credit notes passed by accounts department to various parties. Whenever required he should call explanation from the respective head of the departments for the same. A report of all such debit and credit notes passed during a month should be called for by him from accounts department to monitor the same. This makes the control function very effective.

7) Controlling on billing department

He should ensure that operations department is closing all the duty slips in a timely manner and handing over to billing department for raising the bills subsequently. The billing department should submit the data of bills dispatched to various customers fortnightly to him to calculate aging of each bill. A separate process is to be set to handle the bills returned by the customers for some dispute like wrong charges etc.

8) Implementation of effective software in the company

He should be consulted while implementing new credit monitoring software in the company. He should be able to retrieve the data like debit/credit notes, bills dispatched, aging, total receipts vs. total sales etc at a click of a button. In a way it should be a kind of MIS which helps him in taking effective and timely decisions. Handling huge data is possible only through leveraging technology. But this should be done effectively and efficiently. The more he reduces the dependency on others to get various types of data the more effectively he can function.

9) Role of mentoring

While implementing various SOPs at all the levels he should ensure that staff/officers accept the same with a right spirit. There is every room for resistance by users as people generally resist change. Because people are scared of change they like orthodox methods to be followed. He should have a knack of dealing with people and steering them through change. He should also see that sales staff should be under his watchful eyes to prevent them from accepting bad clients but at the same time also encourage sales team in pursuing with their new sales targets.

10) Review meetings and visit to branches

He should conduct review meetings with staff attached to operations, accounts, billing from time to time to review the progress. Any deviation to the procedures and practices are to be handled firmly He should also conduct periodic visits to the branches, customer’s premises and to all other stakeholders. Branch Manager and his / her team are responsible for the business development and they should be made accountable for all the lapses. Minutes of the meetings are to be prepared to make every one responsible. Visits and reports are helping tools in monitoring the credit.

In the end, we can say that Credit controller plays a vital role in the credit management of a company. The company and the incumbent should take the role seriously. The credit controller’s office should be equipped with proper human resources and the infrastructure to smooth delivery of results. As the metaphor says effective functioning of the CC mechanism will decide whether the company will reach the next higher level like a rocket in the sky or will rest in peace in a coffin. Ultimately, credit controlling is no rocket science; what are required are right knowledge, right attitude and right skills of a credit controller.

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